Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Wednesday Works - Printmaking

Other than the obvious goal of learning to teach middle school this year, my other goal has been to create a matrix showing exactly which grade levels are working on what project in which art material.  

In other words, I want to make sure I'm teaching all sorts of art lessons using as many different art materials as we have in the classrooms in each grade level.

Clear as mud, right?

This is what it looks like right now.   Green squares are lessons I'm lacking.  Pink are things I either forgot to add when I typed it up or things I've added recently.   Other writings are the random ideas and lessons I might try to fit in somewhere along the way.  

You'll also notice I've listed all the grades I teach here so from grades 1-8 is the range I'm working on. 

The whole point of that introduction is to show you the printmaking week lessons we've started in the middle school. 

 6th grade made cardboard printing tools for printing collagraphs.   Collagraph is a print made from a collage of materials.   So we created a design on a piece of matboard and then printed with it.   Stay tuned for some final project photos. 

collagraph  [′kä·lə‚graf]

(graphic arts)
A print made from a plate produced by the collage method.

7th grade worked in Monoprint/monotype printing.    Monoprints and monotypes are known as the most painterly methods among the printmaking techniques, they are called printed paintings.

Ink is manipulated on a bench plate then a piece of paper is placed on top and pulled off to create the print.   

Finally, 8th grade is using linoleum carving blocks to create a symmetrical design, 

Printing really went quickly this week so I will post final project photos at a later time.   You can also pop over to the MBG Artroom Facebook page to see them as well.  

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